Red: A Crayon's Story

Lesson Plan Ideas:

We understand that each of you may have different needs regarding curriculum, lesson plans and other support resources. We have tried to curate a range of resources that will fit a broad section of needs. To start, you may find the planning document a useful centralized place to start. Form there- review the highlighted resources

Planning Sheet Red

Planning tool (draft)

This simple one page document is a useful guide for how to think about beginning this work. It helps divide tasks into before the read, during the read and after the read. Teachers may want to print this or make a copy and use it as a planning template.

Below are several teacher planning tools we wanted to highlight. For more great teacher resources visit the library lady at Teacher Resources- library lady

Highlighted for a lesson built around identity and labels. Students are divided into discussion groups. Will need to be modified for virtual learning. You can reach the rest of their lesson ideas for Red by clicking the “Lesson Plan for Red” at the end of the lessons. Appropriate for Grades 4-6

Part of the Library Lady resource links. Highlighted for the depth and variety of discussion options including Study Notes for the teachers regarding theme and linked Discussion Points as well as more traditional Classroom Questions and Activities for before, during, and after the reading. Also includes a fantastic Visual Arts Project. Can be modified for Grades K-6

Part of the Library Lady resource links. Highlighted for the Group Activities including Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Students create a world with things that are only one color then write/discuss what it would be like to live in this world), Be Who You Are (students discuss/write/share their own abilities and talents), Getting to Know You (students interview each other-great for practicing listening skills. could easily be modified to increase the “listening” part). Can be modified for Grades K-6

Red Community Art Project (Inner Self Portrait)

Red Community Art Project.pdf

Lesson Plan

Parents and teachers can use this lesson to conduct the at-home art project based on the themes from the story Red.

Community Art Project

After reading or hearing the story Red: A Crayon’s Story we invite you to explore creating a unique self portrait displaying not only who you appear to be on the outside but who you truly are on the inside.

How to Draw a Self Portrait for Kids

Detailed Self Portrait How to Video

How to Draw a Face_WikiHow.pdf

How to Draw a face