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Currently our curriculum resources for this year's book titles are under development. As we finish materials they will be posted below. If you want to get a sense of the types of resources we typically develop, check out the past texts listed in the TEACH drop down menu above.

Fall: Theme Acceptance & Belonging

The Day You Begin

Tk-2 Fall 2021

The Proudest Blue

Grades 3-5 Fall 2021

Flying Lessons & Other Stories

Grades 6-12 Fall 2021

CiC Planning Sheet

Teacher Planning Tool

This document gives teachers an outline to consider planning in the different phases: before the read, during the read and after the reading. We hope that this document can provide a space for teachers to think through all aspects of preparation and planning related to implementing this project in their setting. This can be the central document which then can be augmented by the other resources posted at this site.

Curriculum 6th-12th: Flying Lessons and Other Stories

Vocabulary Activities

This site provides a range of vocabulary activities. Click the image above to access the site.


This site offers a range of projects ideas from Power of Relationships, Playing with Point of View, Cross-Cutting Themes and Author Study. Click the image above to access the site.

Story Specific Lessons

This great resource gives lesson activities for before, during and after reading for EACH story. Click the image above to access

Curriculum 3rd-5th: The Proudest Blue


Lesson Plan Exemplar

This detailed and comprehensive lesson plan is just one example of how a teacher might take the themes from the story to address various standards as well as themes. Click on the image to the left to enlarge the document to full screen.

Teaching Notes for the Proudest Blue

This is a detailed lesson plan guide with notes on questions to ask for each page or section. Click the image above to access the site.

Choose Action: To Be an Anti-Racist

This site offers discussion questions and extension activities at three different levels as well as some supplemental resources. Click the image above to access the site.

Celebrating Diversity with a Mentor Text

This site focuses on using the text to teach conflict resolution and provides and well-designed lesson plan with linked resources. Click the image above to access the site.

Art Project

Paper Boat

Watch the video linked above to learn how to turn the theme of this text into an art project for students about what they know is true about themselves.

Curriculum Tk-2nd: The Day You Begin

Curriculum Corner

This resource is a slide deck of task cards which outline activities students can complete related to the text. Click the image above to access the site.

Practice Accepting Skills

This resource provides a comprehensive lesson plan with activities for before, during and after the read.

Anti-Defamation League

This lesson plan offers vocabulary, discussion questions and extension activities

Random House, publisher of The Day You Begin, curated a collection of the books by Jacqueline Woodson, in this 28 pages Reader's Guide. Pages 4-7 focus on The Day You Begin and this guide offers connections throughout her texts.