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The books selected for this year are listed below by grade band. Further resources to support these texts for at-home and in school reading are provided below and under constant development.

Fall: Theme Acceptance & Belonging

TK - 2nd Grade: The Day You Begin, by J. Woodson,

3rd - 5th Grade: The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab

6th-12th Grade: Flying Lessons and Other Stories (Anthology)

Spring: Possible Themes: Equity & Integration

TK-2nd Grade I am Rosa Parks or I am MLK

3rd-5th Grade Separate Is Never Equal

6th - 8th Grade Ruby Bridges This is Your Time Again,

9th-12th Grade March (book 1)

The Day You Begin

Grades Tk-2 Fall 2021

Summary: Everyone feels they don’t belong sometimes. Maybe you look different from other children in your class. Maybe you like different games or food. Maybe you come from a different country and no one seems just like you. It’s sometimes hard, but it’s also an opportunity to learn about yourself and to teach others about your world. You just have to begin.

The Proudest Blue

Grades 3-5 Fall 2021

Flying Lessons & other Stories

Grades 6-12 Fall 2021

The Day You Begin read by author Jacqueline Woodson

The Proudest Blue Read Aloud

Flying Lessons & Other Stories review